The paradisiacal beaches of Sardinia

The beaches of Sardinia are truly unique in Europe. Turquoise blue, crystal clear water and secluded bays make you forget that you are still in Europe. Many beaches are largely undeveloped and natural, which also makes Sardinia so unique for beach lovers.


Teaser strand




Dream beaches in Sardinia

We have compiled and described some interesting beaches to give you a taste of your vacation in Sardinia.

Beaches Sardinia Eas


Beaches Sardinia South


Beaches Sardinia West


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Sardinia beaches in the general map

Sardinia is not without reason called "the Caribbean of the Mediterranean". In the north near Palau and Alghero, those interested in sports will find ideal coasts for sailing, kite surfing and other water sports due to the wind conditions.


The east near Budoni, San Teodoro, Orosei and Bari Sardo and the south near Cagliari are best for beach lovers - a single stay is often not enough to explore all the secluded beaches and coves of the region.


There are many famous beaches in the general map.