How we work

We are pleased about the many positive feedbacks from our customers, who find their way around the website well and are satisfied with the offer. From our own experience we know that it is not always easy to find suitable vacation accommodation for an individually arranged trip.


On the Internet there is a rich offer of vacation homes, which are offered worldwide or regionally. In most portals, the landlords themselves put their objects, and the pictures and descriptions thus turn out very different. No one checks the information for accuracy and completeness before you book the vacation destination. The landlords also often speak only their national language, and this is Italian in Sardinia. Very often customers tell us that they were surprised that almost no one in Sardinia speaks English. This becomes a problem at the latest when you don't speak Italian and you can't find the house on site....


Exactly here is the crucial difference to our offer. Only with meaningful pictures and a complete description the objects are taken up. Beforehand, the data is thoroughly checked - we ask if there are any discrepancies with the submitted data and the pictures or the description. Often we visit the houses, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Due to limited technical possibilities of the landlords and necessary translations it can take several weeks until all documents have been collected and the house can finally be published.


This care offers you considerably more security than if you book your vacation home on an anonymous portal. We will arrange a proper rental contract with the address of the landlord and you will receive detailed directions to the meeting point in German. If the landlord does not receive you himself, a corresponding contact person is named in the booking documents. We will assist you with any problems with your booking, arrange other arrival times, and order bed linen for you.


This is our service for you!