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A vacation home in Sardinia in Italy, directly by the sea or with pool?

Whether you want to treat yourself to something special or are looking for a budget accommodation for a relaxing family vacation.
We have the right vacation home in Sardinia for every taste - a vacation home directly by the sea, a restored country house, a villa with pool or a large vacation home for travel groups. Each vacation home is checked by us before it is published and we maintain personal contact with the landlords in Sardinia.

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Current: Sardinia Corona / Covid-19, Italy

We have compiled lots of information about travelling to Sardinia and special cancellation conditions on our Corona and travel warnings page.

Important information about Corona in Sardinia and in Italy

Please also note that many accommodation providers offer free cancellation. These accommodations are specially marked.

Information for your vacation in Sardinia in Italy

So that you are well prepared for your vacation in Sardinia, we have compiled and described interesting sights and beaches in Sardinia. So your vacation in Italy will be an unforgettable experience, and if you have not seen everything, just visit Sardinia again. Many guests come each again to Italy on vacation, and then also gladly decide once again for Sardinia.


In addition to historic cities with museums and churches, there are many grottos and caves, nuraghi, excavation cities and gorges to discover in Sardinia. Even if you have mainly planned a vacation by the sea in your own vacation home, you should not miss the sights in your surroundings. Sardinia has more to offer than beach, sun and sea, let yourself be inspired!




Crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand - the beaches of Sardinia are unique in Europe.



Find out about the best destinations for your vacation in Sardinia. We have put together some highlights.


Arrival to Italy

The island of Sardinia is easy to reach by plane or ferries. A comparison of the prices of different providers is worthwhile in any case.


Climate in Italy and Sardinia

Sardinia is a beautiful destination almost all year round. In the low season, the temperatures are pleasant and the beaches are less crowded.

New in our offer

We are constantly adding new cottages to our offer. So you will find with us a colorful selection of selected vacation homes, country houses and villa. For many guests renting a vacation home directly at the sea is the first choice for you, others are looking for a nice vacation home with pool in Sardinia. If you want to explore the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, you may rent a country house better than a vacation home by the sea, because then you can reach different regions in Sardinia faster. Water sports enthusiasts prefer a vacation home in the north or west of the island, because here different strong winds occur



from 110 €

per day

Casa Sa Pischera

4 Guests

10m to the sea

3 Bedrooms

from 57 €

per day


3+2 Guests

500m to the sea

1 Bedrooms

from 140 €

per day

Casa Tavolara

6 Guests

1 km to the sea

3 Bedrooms


from 82 €

per day

Casa Vacanze

2+2 Guests

700m to the sea

1 Bedrooms

from 82 €

per day

Casa vacanze Budelli

2+2 Guests

700m to the sea

1 Bedrooms

from 370 €

per day

Villa Janas

9 Guests

200m to the sea

5 Bedrooms




Why rent a vacation home in Italy or Sardinia?

When you plan your vacation you have to decide. Either you book a complete trip with flight, accommodation and meals, or you design your vacation individually and book all components separately. A package tour is also secured quite differently, that was just in times of Corona in Italy a big issue with bookings and cancellations.


Of course, a vacation home by the sea offers a completely different vacation feeling than a vacation in a hotel, even if the latter is also located directly by the sea. Maybe the vacation home is detached, maybe a semi-detached house, where you can also spend your vacation with friends in separate units but common outdoor area. If you want to live a little more centrally or sometimes cheaper, a vacation apartment in Sardinia in one of the beautiful cities is certainly also a good choice. You can reach supermarkets and restaurants faster than in rural vacation homes.

Perhaps your preferred vacation home in Sardinia is not located directly by the sea, but a little more rural in the middle of the beautiful, unspoiled nature of Sardinia. Even if the paths are a bit longer, they have no other vacationers as neighbors and can enjoy the evenings and days in complete peace on the terrace of your vacation home. You can often reach the sea quickly with your rental car or your own, brought vehicle. If you want to hike or see the many sights in Sardinia, then a country house is certainly also a good choice, because they can then explore the beautiful island faster in all directions.

Vacation houses and apartment directly on the sea are often more expensive than houses that are a little further from the sea.After all, Sardinia is known for its beautiful, undeveloped beaches, and therefore a vacation house or apartment in Sardinia directly on the sea is something special, while otherwise in Italy you can easily find a vacation home by the sea. Often the houses are tastefully designed and blend well and almost unobtrusively into the landscape, even on the famous Costa Smeralda, where everything is certainly a bit more high-priced and exclusive than on the rest of the island.


Whether you rent a vacation home, a country house or a vacation apartment - a vacation in Sardinia is certainly an unforgettable experience for you and your family.Look around in our offer, there are houses with pool, exclusively designed houses, vacation homes in beautiful locations and lovingly restored country houses.